University of Helsinki to join banking regulation research

The University of Helsinki has been invited to join the European Banking Institute as an academic member. The active academic participant in the Institute will be the University’s Faculty of Law.

The University’s representative on the Academic Board will be Professor Seppo Villa from the Faculty of Law. Professor Villa will coordinate and supervise the cooperation between the University and the Institute.

The University of Helsinki and its Faculty of Law are significant providers of research information and education in the field of finance, and they have gained great success in international university rankings. “Cooperation with the Institute opens new doors for research, provides new opportunities and projects for researchers, and offers the chance to participate in international research into banking regulation,” states Professor Villa.

The European Banking Institute is a European joint venture for research on banking regulation. It’s an international centre for banking studies which coordinates research cooperation between European academic institutions in legal, economic and accounting studies. The purpose of the Institute is to generate research on European issues concerning the regulation and supervision of financial institutions and financial markets from a legal, economic and any other relevant viewpoint. The Institute promotes dialogue between researchers, banking regulators and supervisors, industry representatives and advisors.

European Banking Institute website