Similar challenges, similar solutions

University of Copenhagen is one of the best universities in the Nordic countries and it has recently been accepted as member in the League of European Research Universities. As the law deans have a so-called thematic group within the LERU, it is only natural that the Nordic LERU law faculties are expected to develop also their bilateral ties. Our researchers have had collaboration with scholars in Copenhagen for decades, but the contacts at the level of faculty leadership are more recent.

The Copenhagen Dean Jacob Graff Nielsen took the initiative and brought his team to Helsinki to get familiar with the activities and experiences of our faculty. Graff Nielsen was surprised of how much we actually talk about similar things and face same challenges even though of course also differences occur. Copenhagen law faculty has almost three times more students than Helsinki, for instance. Digitalisation, strategic profiling of research, reform of the service organisation are alos common to both universities of Copenhagen and Helsinki.

The guests saw the new Think Corner as well as the Kaisa Library. Helsinki Law clinic and Legal Tech Lab were introduced.

Our common conclusion was that getting to know what the other really good law schools do is most likely the easiest way to learn and the fastest line to do the big things right. We all need a point of reference, and here we found one for us. The leadership of our law faculty will later visit Copenhagen to learn more about how they do the things out there.