Visiting lecture by honorary doctor Benő Csapó on educational assessment in Hungary

The newly honored professor Benö Csapó gave a lecture on assessment in Hungary at the University of Helsinki Faculty of Education on 22nd of May. Csapó is a professor of education in the University of Szeged, Hungary. He heads the Doctoral School of Education, the Research Group on the Development of Competencies at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and the Center for Research on Learning and Instruction, established by Csapó himself.

Professor Csapó has done extensive and internationally prominent work on assessment and on measuring learning outcomes. He and his research community have established theoretical frameworks for the assessment of reading, mathematics, and sciences.

In his visiting lecture, Csapó presented an overview of these frameworks, and the digital system eDia, developed for the measuring of learning outcomes in different fields of learning. eDia also offers tests on dimensions such as music, reasoning, and creativity, less often covered in large-scale assessments. eDia allows teachers and students to receive systematic, continuous, and reliable feedback on learning. The system is widely used across Hungary. Its item bank currently holds over 25 000 test items and it allows teachers to flexibly create their own test combinations.

Professor Csapó received an honorary doctorate degree from the University of Helsinki on 24th of May. Csapó has collaborated with the Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Helsinki, in various expert and elected positions. Cooperation with the University of Helsinki Center for Educational Assessment CEA has also enabled the use of the reasoning tests developed at the University of Szeged in CEA’s research, for example in a recent Digital follow-up study at the city of Vantaa.

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