Faculty of Educational Sciences joins the Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science

The Faculty of Educational Sciences has joined HELSUS, the Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science at the University of Helsinki, strengthening a multidisciplinary research community focused on environmental and sustainability education at the institute.

Research and teaching conducted at the Faculty of Educational Sciences connect with many HELSUS themes: research in home economics, craft science and food culture provides new perspectives on consumption and production, research in urban environmental education provides perspectives on urban studies, and environmental and sustainability education provides perspectives on the theory and methodology of sustainability science.

The Faculty conducts research on the school system and education policy, the development of work and organisations, engagement in various educational systems and society, as well as equality, gender and global responsibility. Indeed, many researchers working at the Faculty were already members of HELSUS.

“The Faculty of Educational Sciences plays an important role in promoting sustainable development in our society by means of education – particularly by influencing the knowledge and attitudes of future generations”, says Dean Johanna Mäkelä.

Anne Toppinen, director of HELSUS, is delighted by the commitment of the Faculty of Educational Sciences to the institute’s activities.

“The Faculty of Educational Sciences joining HELSUS strengthens the multidisciplinary nature of sustainability research carried out at the University of Helsinki. It’s important to make the perspective of educational sciences an increasingly integral part of research that can help solve challenges related to sustainability,” Toppinen notes.

HELSUS, the Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science, launched its operations in the beginning of 2018, with six other faculties already contributing: the Faculty of Science, the Faculty of Social Sciences, the Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences, the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Law.