Education for Democratic Intercultural Citizenship (EDIC+) course brings students from eleven countries to University of Helsinki

This week University of Helsinki is hosting students from 11 different countries from EU and outside of EU. The programme is called ‘Education for Democratic Intercultural Citizenship Education’ (EDIC+). The University of Helsinki participates in an Erasmus Strategic Partnership on education and intercultural citizenship for Master's degree and PhD students from all over Europe.

EDIC+ is a collaboration of University of Humanistic Studies, the University of Barcelona, Bath-Spa University, the University of Tallinn, Charles University Prague, Aristotle University Thessaloniki, and the University of Humanistic Studies Utrecht. The programme is coordinated by Professor Wiel Veugeler from the University of Humanistic Studies.

Annually there is an Intensive Programme (IP). Three Master's degree students specialising in Education can participate in it. It takes place at one of the universities  involved for a period of ten days. The central theme of the IP will be determined by the expertise of the hosting university. This year the programme has been in Tallinn/Helsinki from May 13th until May 23. The programme focuses in particular on educational practices. In 2017, the Intensive Programme was held in Czech Republic at Charles University in Prague (theme: Educational Activities in Civil Society). In 2019, it will be held in Greece (theme: Intercultural and Multicultural Education). In addition, each university develops its own module, in the area of its own expertise on moral and citizenship education. University of Helsinki’s area is Teachers’ Moral Competence in Pedagogical Encounters. In 2017 the module was during November; in 2018 it will be in October and November.