Research, experimentation and development activities
Research, experimentation and development constitute an important part of teacher training school operations. A working group coordinating research, experimentation and development activities operates in both teacher training schools. Teachers of the teacher training schools are encouraged to conduct research as well as carry out various development and experimentation projects.

Research, experimentation and development activities are an important strategic focus area for the teacher training schools, whose profile will be raised further in the teacher training schools of the University of Helsinki.

Novissima, an online publication focused on the topic published by the University of Helsinki’s Helsinki Normal Lyceum and the Viikki Teacher Training School also relates to this goal. The publication’s content is composed of both material based on actual academic research and the presentation of practical teaching experiments. The publication offers teachers the opportunity to introduce their pedagogical development efforts, including various teaching experiments, independently produced teaching materials or other research projects. The publication is a practical forum for sharing your expertise with other teachers as well as inspiring others to conduct research, experimentation and development activities. With its content open to all, the publication also serves as a window to the academic teacher training schools of the University of Helsinki. Hopefully, it will contribute to making research, experimentation and development an increasingly integral part of everyday life in the schools.

Anni Loukomies and Marko van den Berg serve as research, experimentation and development coordinators for the Viikki Teacher Training School and the Helsinki Normal Lyceum.

The eNorssi portal is being developed particularly as a base for supervised teaching practice included in teacher training. Contributing to its development are the teacher training schools and departments of teacher education of Finnish universities, the Teacher Student Union of Finland SOOL and the Ministry of Education and Culture.

The Research Portal of the University of Helsinki provides information on projects carried out in the teacher training schools as well as publications by staff and their other research activities.

Research, experimentation and development activities in training schools

Research, experimentation and development activities in the Helsinki Normal Lyceum.

Research, experimentation and development activities in the Viikki Teacher Training School.

Research permit

A separate permit is needed for all studies, theses, surveys and development projects carried out at the University of Helsinki’s teacher training schools in which data pertaining to the pupils, students or staff of the schools is collected or processed.

You can download the research permit application form (in Finnish). Completed applications and the relevant attachments can be submitted here. Make sure that all required information and attachments are included when submitting the application. Deficient applications or missing attachments can delay the granting of a research permit. 

Applicants for research permits are expected to have familiarised themselves with valid legislation pertaining to the processing of personal data and research data. Taking into consideration the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation of the EU is particularly important.

Separate consent for study participation must be obtained from guardians of children under 15 years of age. Without such consent, children under 15 years of age cannot participate in research. Adolescents between 15 and 17 years of age can independently consent to participating in studies carried out at the educational institution, but in such cases their guardians must be notified in advance of the study.

The processing of applications submitted during the academic year takes approximately six weeks.