Aptitude test for teachers
Under EU legislation, the Finnish National Agency for Education can issue a decision on a teacher’s qualifications to a person who is fully qualified to provide pre-primary, basic or subject teaching at a public institution in another EU/EEA country.

The above decision can be conditional, if necessary. The decision may include an adaptation period or an aptitude test as an additional requirement. An adaptation period or an aptitude test can be required if significant differences are found in the content of the relevant education or professional duties between the country of origin and Finland. Applicants themselves choose between the adaptation period and the aptitude test.

During the adaptation period, applicants work in Finland as public officials appointed for a fixed term. Applicants themselves must find employment for the adaptation period. The decision determines the duration of the adaptation period, which cannot exceed three years.

The purpose of the aptitude test is for applicants to demonstrate that they have the knowledge and skills required to work as teachers in Finland. The aptitude test for teachers consists of three subject areas and a feedback session. The decision by the Finnish National Agency for Education specifies which of the three subject areas are included in the applicant’s aptitude test. A statute of the National Agency for Education also determines the university faculty or the teacher education unit of a university of applied sciences at which the applicant can take the test. 

If the person receiving the decision wishes to take the aptitude test, they must register for it at the relevant university faculty, agreeing on the timetable for taking the test. As a rule, the aptitude test must be taken within one year of registration.