Doctoral education

Doctoral education at the University of Helsinki is organised in doctoral programmes. Each doctoral programme is part of the University of Helsinki Doctoral School. The Faculty of Arts is responsible for four doctoral programmes. Additionally, a doctoral degree in humanities can be completed in seven other doctoral programmes coordinated by other faculties.
Struc­ture of doc­toral education

A doctoral study right is always applied to from a specific doctoral programme, but the degrees are awarded by the faculties. When applying to a doctoral programme, the applicant chooses a target degree and home faculty based on their academic background and the discipline of the planned doctoral thesis.

The target degree completed at the Faculty of Arts is Doctor of Philosophy. A Doctor of Philosophy degree in humanities can be completed in all four of the doctoral programmes coordinated by the Faculty of Arts, as well as in seven doctoral programmes coordinated by other faculties.

In all doctoral programmes, the degree comprises of a doctoral thesis and 40 credits of additional compulsory studies. The doctoral thesis can be either a monograph or an article-based thesis.

The studies included in the degree are flexibly planned to support the doctoral student’s future plans. In addition to methodological and theoretical studies, degree studies may relate to communication, pedagogy, science administration and management which are offered by the University of Helsinki Doctoral School.

Students can earn credits through traditional completion methods as well as by presenting conference papers, producing scientific publications, providing teaching and organising events. An individually constructed degree enables students to develop their expertise based on their own interests.

  • More information on applying for a doctoral study right is available in the University's general instructions for applicants as well as on each doctoral programme's own website.
  • The faculty’s professors and principal investigators supervise doctoral students involved in doctoral programmes in their own field of specialisation. Further information on supervision in different doctoral programmes is available on each programme's website.