Philosophy is the mother of all science, the originator of most special sciences. Today, philosophy is an independent field of science that studies, on the one hand, the fundamental nature of reality, as well as the justification and limits of related knowledge, and on the other, problems concerned with moral goodness, doing the right thing and social philosophy.

The discipline of practical philosophy is located in the Faculty of Social Sciences. More information about the research can be found on the discipline pages of the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Philosophy, although nowadays independent field of science, has preserved its connections to other sciences: the mission of philosophy includes the examination of the general characteristics of scientific thinking, as well as the critical evaluation of the principles and methods of special sciences. Thus, studies in philosophy and other disciplines can be merged in a productive manner.

Research areas in philosophy

  • Logic studies the rules of formally valid inference, formal languages and philosophical applications of logical concept analysis.
  • Epistemology studies the possibilities and limits, as well as the principles and certainty of knowledge.
  • Ontology and metaphysics examine the fundamental nature of being.
  • Philosophy of language primarily examines the relationship between language and reality, the nature of linguistic meaning and language use, as well as the nature of the philosophy of mind and other cognitive functions, including their relationship with the brain and reality.
  • Philosophy of science is divided into the general philosophy of science which examines the objectives and methodology of science as well as the nature of scientific research, on the one hand, and special science-specific philosophies focused on the formation of concepts and theories in special sciences on the other.
  • History of philosophy examines the evolution of the main fields of philosophy, from the classical period to modern times.
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