Research assessment at the Faculty of Arts

The results of the assessment of research at the University of Helsinki were published on 18 September.

“The assessment was good and diverse, as it examined the content of research, the relationship of research fields with the rest of the world, and research environments. There are many interesting observations in the assessment reports that can be put into practice", says Pirjo Hiidenmaa, dean of the Faculty of Arts.

"The assessment has given us confidence that we are doing things right at the Faculty. We have good researchers and teachers who work on many fronts: they conduct and publish distinguished research and they teach, in addition to which many of them have a considerable presence in society as they contribute to the public discourse with their books and appearances. Safeguarding the conditions required for this good work is the duty of the administration and management.” 

Paavo Pylkkänen, vice-dean responsible for research affairs continues: “All in all, the Faculty fared very well. It confirmed that in many fields, we are at the top level globally.  Of course, we also received valuable feedback on what requires further development."

"There was research in every department that was graded ‘excellent’.  Our societal impact was also highly commended. Let's pause for a moment to take pride in the results of the research assessment."

Read more (the article includes a link to the assessment report).