In the Language Bank: Harri Uusitalo

Kielipankki – The Language Bank of Finland is a service for researchers using language resources. Harri Uusitalo tells us about his research using various types of Finnish-language corpora from different time periods.

Who are you?

I am Harri Uusitalo, postdoctoral researcher at the University of Turku. I am a researcher of the Finnish language and currently, I am working at the School of History, Culture and Arts Studies in the interdisciplinary projects Fauna et Flora Fennica and Disappeared, Endangered and Newly Arrived Species: The Human Relationship with the Changing Biodiversity of the Baltic Sea. In the research groups, we examine the historical relationship of the Finnish people with nature.

What is your research topic?

I have studied Finnish texts from different periods, from the time of Agricola to the present day. My doctoral thesis focused on the legal language of the 17th century, and more recently I have been fascinated by environmental themes and ecolinguistic perspectives.

How is your research related to Kielipankki?

Together with my colleagues, I have used the Kielipankki data in some of my research. For example, together with Karita Suomalainen, we used the Suomi24 corpus and the Korp tool to investigate how Finnish people identify and discuss invasive alien species. With Duha Elsayed and Heidi Salmi, we used the Morpho-Syntactic Database of Mikael Agricola’s Works to study the translative form of the A-infinitive in Agricola’s works.

In my future research, I will certainly make use of many other corpora in Kielipankki, such as the Corpus of Old Literary Finnish, the Corpus of Early Modern Finnish and the Newspaper and Periodical Corpus of the National Library of Finland.


Uusitalo Harri, Lähdesmäki Heta, Sonck-Rautio Kirsi, Latva Otto, Salmi Hannu & Alenius Teija (tulossa): Alien Plants between Practices and Representations: the Cases of European Spruce and Beach Rose in Finland. Plant Perspectives.

Uusitalo Harri & Suomalainen Karita 2023: Ecolinguistic Approach to Online Finnish Discourse on Invasive Alien SpeciesLanguage@Internet 21.

Elsayed Duha, Salmi Heidi & Uusitalo Harri 2022: A-infinitiivin translatiivi Mikael Agricolan teksteissä. Sananjalka 64. Suomen Kielen Seura, Turku.

Corpora and tools

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