The Helsinki Centre for Intellectual History – a new research forum

The launch event for The Helsinki Centre for Intellectual History will be held in Topelia on Wednesday, 31 August. What is it about?

“We are establishing a new research forum to promote research in intellectual history across disciplines in Finland and abroad. Our goal is to bring researchers in the field together and to promote intellectual history internationally. The Helsinki Centre for Intellectual History offers a communication channel for intellectual history researchers, whether their focus be classical or contemporary,” says Koen Stapelbroek, Academy of Finland Research Fellow from the Department of Philosophy, History, Culture and Art Studies.

The planning for the new forum began more than a year ago.

“It is important for researchers in the field to be aware of each other’s projects and research events. Through the Centre we can also improve our outward communication regarding the high standard of research in intellectual history at the University of Helsinki and in Finland in general,” Stapelbroek continues.

Benefits of the agile new forum include the flexible development of research collaboration and communication, and the Centre can serve as the platform for publications, conferences and workshops in the field. The Centre will organise its own intellectual history seminars twice a year.

Stapelbroek welcomes all intellectual history researchers from different disciplines into the network.

Looking to the future, he states, “At the moment, we have approximately 40 researchers, but I expect this number to double soon. I hope that researchers will make the Centre their own”.

Publications in the Intellectual History Archive series will also be promoted in conjunction with the Centre’s activities. In addition, the forum will be linked to the Contributions to the History of Concepts (published by Berghahn Journals) in 2017.

The opening of the Helsinki Centre for Intellectual History and a lecture by Professor Richard Whatmore (Director of the St. Andrews Institute of Intellectual History)  on the politics of intellectual history.

Wednesday 31 August 2016, 16.00­-17.30, Unioninkatu 38A (room A205)