Meet the people in the programme

As a student in the Master’s Programme in Urban Studies and Planning, you benefit from the expertise of inspiring scholars from two universities with solid teaching experience and broad researcher credentials. The research topics and creative projects the scholars bring to the programme deal with various urban phenomena, including urban economies, liveable cities, design, history, urban sustainability and socio-ecological resilience, urban ecology, and urban architectural morphologies and landscapes.

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Programme Directors

Anssi Joutsiniemi

Professor of practice, Aalto University


Phone number +358405896223

Teachers at the University of Helsinki
Teachers at Aalto University

Christine Mady

Senior University Lecturer, Aalto University

Kimmo Lapintie

Professor, Urban and Regional Planning

Pia Fricker

Professor of Practice, Aalto University

Heidi Falkenbach

Assistant Professor, Aalto University

Hossam Hewidy

Lecturer, Aalto University

Antti Pirinen

University Lecturer, Aalto University

Tuukka Saarimaa

Assistant Professor, Aalto University

Programme Coordinators

Ilona Virtanen

Planning Officer, Aalto University

Teemu Jama

Teacher-coordinator, Aalto University