Study science in English at a top-ranked university.

The programme is open for applications for anybody with a high school diploma including advanced math and physics or chemistry studies. The Bachelor's Programme in Science is taught fully in English. During the first half year, all students receive a foundation in university-level math and basic programming skills. After this, they can choose a specialization study track, with second- and third-year university-level courses offered in math and statistics, computer/data science, physics and chemistry. It is possible to either deepen the studies in one of these study tracks or to combine studies of two or three tracks to get a truly multidisciplinary education.

The Bachelor's Programme in Science offers an interdisciplinary education that will enable you to work on the cutting edge of exciting basic research and application development in

  • math and statistics
  • physics
  • chemistry and
  • computer/data science.

Kumpula campus, one of the four campuses at the University of Helsinki, is the largest centre in the Nordic countries for research in exact natural sciences. It is a dynamic study environment with a good sense of community. We put efforts into using a wide variety of teaching methods and developing these continuously. As a student, you get easily involved in research groups and active student organisations.

Why Bachelor's Programme in Science?

Our understanding of the universe and all modern technology is based on advances made in scientific research over approximately the last 100 years. The operation of computers and mobile phones relies fully on quantum mechanical principles, and the nature of matter in the universe has been unveiled by studies in particle physics, astronomy and cosmology. New exciting discoveries are constantly made and will affect our future. For instance, studies on quantum information combined with the development of new materials are just about to open up the doors for quantum computing, and the analysis by artificial intelligence of big data will lead to new ways to cure disease.

The Bachelor's Programme in Science offers an interdisciplinary education that will enable you to work on the cutting edge of exciting basic research and application development in

  • math and statistics
  • physics
  • chemistry and
  • computer/data science.
Get acquainted with the Bachelor's Programme in Science

Watch the video to see what our lecturers and students have to tell about the study fields and themes that are available in the Bachelor’s Programme in Science. You will also find out what kind of competence and work opportunities you gain by studying in the programme.

Structure and content

The Bachelor's Programme in Science comprises 180 credits, which can be completed in three years, in accordance with an approved personal study plan. The degree includes:

  • 15-30 credits of mandatory common studies in basic math, basic computer science and statistics
  • 15 credits of transferable skills courses that help in orienting yourself towards working life, and a group work course introducing modern science topics studied at the Faculty
  • 10 credits of language studies, comprising 4 credits of academic English and 6 credits of basic courses in Finnish or Swedish (for students with Finnish or Swedish as secondary education language, 3 credits of Finnish and 3 credits of Swedish at an advanced level)
  • 60-105 credits of basic and intermediate courses
  • 10 credits of a final seminar (4 cr) and bachelor's thesis (6 cr)
  • 35-50 credits of other courses according to your study track and personal study plan

The programme includes on the BSc level a thesis of 6 credits. BSc thesis is a short (about 15–20 pages) literature study on a timely subject written following scientific standards and referencing practice.

Detailed degree structure and course descriptions can be found in the Degree Structure page.

Study tracks

Bachelor's Programme in Science has four study tracks: chemistry, computer and data science, mathematics and statistics and physics.

  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Computer and Data Science

You can select any of these study tracks according to your preferences at the beginning of your studies. The track determines which courses you should take. The programme allows you to specialize in your chosen study track or follow an interdisciplinary education by also taking courses from other study tracks.

Courses and teaching

The programme offers flexibility, allowing you to focus on one field of science or combine studies across two or three different fields for a truly multidisciplinary education. 

The Bachelor's Programme in Science is conducted entirely in English. If you know Finnish or Swedish, you can also participate in courses offered in those languages within the faculty. However, a minimum of 75% of the credits, including the Bachelor's thesis, must be completed in English. 

You can take a look at our courses in the course catalogue in the Studies Service. 

Moreover, we encourage international students to learn Finnish and/or Swedish, which helps in integrating into Finnish society. Explore the Finnish and Swedish courses for international students. 

Student stories and testimonials

Find out what our students say about their studies and life in Helsinki, their career paths or plans, insights into the programme, tips for your application process and much more.

Student life

Student life and especially the student organisation culture is exceptionally rich and diverse in Finland. Also at the University of Helsinki, the student community is very active.

More than 250 student organisations operate within the Student Union of the University of Helsinki (HYY). The student organisations range from faculty and subject organisations to political and societal organisations, and from choirs and orchestras to sports and game clubs. Their activities include anniversary celebrations, academic dinner parties, cultural events, get-togethers and excursions.

Take a look at Integralis ry, the student organisation for students of the Bachelor's Programme in Science.

As a student and member of the Student Union (HYY), you are entitled to many benefits and services. For example, affordable student housing, basic healthcare services, sports facilities and student-priced meals. You also get numerous discounts, for example on public transport fees across the country.  

Read more about the life and benefits as a student at the University of Helsinki.

Do you have questions about studies or student life? You can get answers to your questions by chatting directly with the students of the University of Helsinki. Chat with our students!