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Practical training and summer job opportunities - Neuroscience | University of Helsinki

What kind of practical training and summer job opportunities there are for Neuroscience students?

Carlton Wong

“Studying neuroscience in Helsinki is one of the best decisions that I have made.”

Hei, I’m Carlton from Hong Kong. Initially, I started as a fresh graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in biotechnology who is interested and curious about neuroscience. I joined the Master’s Programme in Neuroscience (MNeuro) hoping to understand more about neuroscience and exploring my interest in this field for further study.

The programme has brought me more than I expected. As a graduate, I can proudly say that choosing to study MNeuro at the University of Helsinki is one of the best decisions that I have made. Everything taught in MNeuro starts from the very essential basics, so I did not need to worry whether my background supported my understanding of the teaching materials. The great variety of neuro-subjects being offered in the programme also covered many different neuro-topics in the field. Together with the organized visits to neuro-labs, and the numerous chances for doing internships in these labs, I was able to explore what I wanted to do in the world of neuroscience and where my true interest lay.

I realized my interest in neuroimmunology during my Master’s thesis work in a neuroimmunology lab. This eventually led me to decide to pursue a PhD. So, this is where I am right now as an MNeuro graduate: doing a PhD in neuroimmunology at the University of Hong Kong.

Looking back on my days in Helsinki, what I find unforgettable is not only the neuroscience studies that I did but also the nice, warm, welcoming and caring people that I met in the city throughout my study. I also grew as a person. I am now more willing to speak up and be brave in presenting my ideas for discussion, instead of always worrying and being concerned about how my ideas would be judged or mocked if they sounded stupid. This is all due to the kind encouragement, inclusiveness and respect that I received from my classmates and teachers during my MNeuro study. I am very thankful to them for making my study experience in MNeuro and Helsinki such a happy and lively memory that will always stay in my heart. Studying in MNeuro and Finland is the best!

In the image one of my favorites in FI: sheep in Viikki campus!    

Feven Tigistu-Sahle and Lauri Äikäs

Feven Tigistu-Sahle and Lauri Äikäs share their experiences about studying Cell and Systems Physiology in the Master’s Programme in Neuroscience. According to them, the programme offers modern teaching, a supportive network of experts, a connection with working life and a relaxed atmosphere.

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Maia Moog, Tomás Garnier Artiñano and Meera Jakkli

Maia Moog, Tomás Garnier Artiñano and Meera Jakkli, students in the Neuroscience study track,  especially appreciate the variety of courses across disciplines, independent lab work and opportunities for student exchanges and internships.

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Mikaela Laine

Mikaela Laine returned to Finland because of the internationally recognised research, the quality of education and freedom of choice. Her study path took her from a BSc in Psychology (Cardiff) to MSc in Neuroscience (University of Helsinki) and further to PhD studies in the Doctoral Programme Brain & Mind (University of Helsinki).

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Rakhi Srinivasan

Rakhi Srinivasan did what many might find impossible - completing what should be a two-year Master's Programme in Neuroscience in only one year. Her strong will and determination are also evident in her hopes. She dreams to be able to solve some of the mysteries surrounding ill-mental health and contribute to a better world for all.

After graduating, Rakhi transferred to a PhD position at the University of Helsinki.