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Our students tell about their studies and why they chose the Master's Programme in Genetics and Molecular Biosciences (GMB) at the University of Helsinki.
Why I chose Genetics and Molecular Biosciences?
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Watch a video about GMB students telling about their studies and why they chose the programme.

Student story: Iftekhar Mahmud Chowdhury

I am Iftekhar Mahmud Chowdhury from Bangladesh. I am pursuing my Master’s Degree in Biotechnology (specialization Molecular Biotechnology) at the University of Helsinki in 2015-2018. The teaching curriculum of my MSc degree is so well-structured that it allows a wide choice of theoretical and practical courses for the students. Especially the 10-credit Research Project which provides a foundation for laboratory work leading into the Master’s thesis project.

University of Helsinki conducts high-throughput research which was one of the primary reasons why it was my top choice of institutions for my Master´s Degree studies. I have always wanted to pursue a research-oriented career and the curriculum will provide me with a lot of practical experience and multidisciplinary theoretical/laboratory-based courses, which are an asset when it comes to applying for post-graduate studies or research-based career. The students from the University of Helsinki achieve a lot of success, both in corporations and academia due to the strong academic culture combined with practical knowledge.

Finland can easily become a home away from home. Since most of the citizens speak English, communication is quite easy and the helpful nature of the Finns makes integration much simpler. Finland is an amazing country to live in and I would like to welcome new students to this magical country.