Student stories

What is it like to study in the Master’s Programme in Food Sciences? What kind of career opportunities does the programme open? How is life in Helsinki?
New in Helsinki: Zhi Yi

In #NewInHelsinki series, senior students talk about their experience at the University of Helsinki and what advice they would give to their fresher selves. Once, Zhi Yi was #NewInHelsinki. Check out her story coming from China to Finland and studying in the Master’s Programme in Food Sciences

“Everything here is really flexible”

Mohammad Azizkhani is studying in the Master’s Programme in Food Sciences and specializes in food safety. He thinks that the food safety research and industry have a bright future.

“We’re going towards more sustainable food production that is less harmful to the environment and also to humans. At the moment, many people are doing research in how to increase microbial safety of food using natural preservatives and other natural approaches”.

Azizkhani is very grateful for the support and guidance that he has received regarding his studies and research.

“I can sit down with the professors and discuss the things that are going through my head. Everything here is really flexible; for example, I wanted to start my thesis, even though I hadn’t passed all that many courses, and that was okay!”