Food research at the University of Helsinki has been on the very top of its field according to Science Watch Magazine that monitors research, trends and indicators.

The research-based education provides the student with an excellent basis for a career in the food industry and trade, food safety authorities, as well as in research. The two focus areas of research are food production chains and food quality and healthy nutrition.

Food pro­duc­tion chains
  • Food processing, especially management of the processing chain of domestic food raw materials.

  • Use of bioprocessing in optimising the content and nature of health beneficial food constituents.

  • Maintaining chemical, microbiological, nutritional and sensory quality.

  • Properties of food constituents, their reactions and interactions in food matrices

  • Health beneficial food constituents: identification, production and optimising with use of bioprocessing

  • Sustainable production of raw materials such as protein sources

  • Food production chains of domestic raw materials 

  • Nature friendly packaging  

  • Processing laboratories and pilot plant facilities

Take a closer look at research groups on food production chains:

Food Materials Science

Food qual­ity and healthy nu­tri­tion
  • The impact of food constituents and their reactions on healthiness and taste of food.

  • The chemical and microbial safety of food including risk assessment and management.

  • Factors associated with the choice of food and the impact of diet in sustaining health.

  • Bioactive compounds and dietary fibre and their reactions

  • Chemical food safety

  • Microbial quality of food

  • Heritability and changes of  food preferences in different consumer segments

  • Nutrition and health from both epidemiological and experimental points of view

  • Societal food behaviour and nutrition

  • Special focus areas regarding global nutrition

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