”I want to create change through sustainable food solutions”

In the Master’s Programme in Food Sciences, you receive practical and research-oriented teaching that helps you make an impact on society. We talked to master’s students Tuuli Tauriainen and Fabio Tuccillo, who both specialise in food chemistry and safety, about their experiences in the programme.

Who is the Master’s Programme in Food Sciences for?

Tuccillo: "I think the programme is suited for people who have a passion for food, and who are interested in learning from a research-oriented perspective. The programme is very diverse, so there is something for everyone. You can customise your degree to suit your interests."

Tauriainen: "The programme is great for anyone who wants to gain an in-depth understanding of food from a very practical point of view. The programme gives you a versatile foundation for your career and encourages you to develop your own ideas. As the way we eat is constantly changing, there are always new perspectives that you can bring to food."

What is the most inspiring thing about your studies?

Tauriainen: "I am learning valuable information and I can help people with my work. I am very motivated by my master’s thesis, which is about mycotoxins. My thesis is a part of a larger study that tries to find solutions for eliminating food waste in nations in the Global South. We are trying to develop ways to decrease the amounts of mycotoxins that spoil food because in many places people can’t afford to throw food away."

Tuccillo: "The programme provides great tools for making your mark on society. We can create change by generating sustainable solutions that can be applied to the food industry on a larger scale. I am passionate about developing environmentally friendly and healthy food options. My master’s thesis is connected to a study on meat alternatives, specifically fava beans. I have been accepted for a Ph.D. position at the University of Helsinki and am excited to continue this research further in my doctoral dissertation."

What is it like to study and live in Helsinki?

Tauriainen: "Studying at the University of Helsinki allows for a lot of freedom! This also means that you are expected to take responsibility for your studies, which teaches you to be independent. There are many opportunities to work in the field of food science while studying – I work as a research assistant and teach a lab group on a first-year course. In my free time, I often cook and meet my university friends for brunch."

Tuccillo: "The environment in the programme is welcoming. The teachers are very approachable, and they are always happy to answer questions. I have fallen in love with Finland and its culture, nature, and people. Friendship is understood differently here – it is felt very deeply and based on honesty and mutual help."

Studying Food Sciences
About the programme

The Master’s Programme in Food Sciences covers the whole food production chain from primary production via food processing to consumers. You explore innovations in food and how to improve the healthiness, safety, ecology, and ethics of food and food processing. You also learn laboratory working skills and increase your knowledge of food composition, processing, structure, and legislation.

Food Sciences is an internationally appreciated field of education and food research at the University of Helsinki is of high quality and internationally acknowledged. The food industry is the 4th most important employer both in Finland and internationally. This industry is constantly looking for experts to solve new problems.