Professor Peter Stadius and the CENS (Center for Nordic Studies)

Peter Stadius has been a Professor of Nordic Studies for many years. Here is a brief presentation and an introduction to his current research interest.
Peter Stadius and the ENS Masters Program

Peter Stadius has been teaching at ENS over a decade and is currently deputy director of the program. Together with Professor Johan Strang he is in charge of the Centre for Nordic Studies (CENS), which is one of two research institution partners of ENS. His background is in the discipline of history, but he has been teaching inter-disciplinary Nordic Studies since 1998.

His major research interests have been the image of the Nordic region seen form the outside, and especially the dynamics of north and south in Europe. Nordic cooperation history and current themes is also one of his long-lasting research and teaching subjects.

“For me to be able to combine both the Nordics and Europe is perfect, and I really enjoy to make Nordic countries understandable through European and global contexts.” Recently Peter Stadius has engaged in the study of Nordic colonialism and the Finnish presence at the Arctic Ocean during the period for the Petsamo corridor 1920-1944.

Also, in the field of studying Nordic cooperation some new ideas have surfaced recently. “I plan to look at other European pan-nationalist movements, this to better understand the peculiarities of the Scandinavian/Nordic case.”

“Me and my colleagues at CENS bring the Nordic dimension to the program, and besides our courses in the Nordic Studies module, we also host a MA thesis seminar in Nordic Studies for those ENS student who chooses to engage more in the Nordic themes.”