The European and Nordic studies programme covers a wide spectrum of research projects in various faculties and research institutes.

In the social sciences faculty, it is directly linked to the Centre for European Studies (CES), which hosts Eurostorie, the Centre of Excellence in Law, Identity and the European Narratives. In the humanities faculty, the programme’s home is found in the Centre for Nordic Studies (CENS).

In recent years, the focus has been especially on studying

  • boundaries, regions and identities in Europe
  • different narratives of Europe
  • European legal traditions
  • the construction of post-Cold War Europe
  • the politics of memory
  • political violence in post-war Europe

Many of these themes are also strongly present in the field of Nordic studies. This field has traditionally had a distinctly European flavour. Research projects in recent years have, for example, focused on imagology of the European North and South, Nordic welfare state/ism, the politics of neutrality, and Nordic cooperation in a global comparative perspective. For further details about specific research projects, publications, networks etc please see CES researchCENS research and UH TUHAT research database.