The New ENS Program Director

Hanna Tuominen started working as a lecturer in European studies at the Centre for European Studies (CES) in the University of Helsinki in August 2022. She became the director of the MA program in European and Nordic studies in January 2023.
More about Hanna and her role as the ENS Masters Program Director

In the current position Hanna carries the main responsibility as a director for coordinating the highly interdisciplinary MA program

About the European and Nordic Studies Program: “Besides the common courses, our students can flexibly choose their own areas of interest from wide variety of courses provided by different disciplines. I think this program is highly interesting, as it enables studying and discussing various approaches and aspects of Europe. It provides students good qualifications to understand current, but also historical role of Europe.”

Hanna is teaching and coordinating several courses in joint studies of the programme, and in the EU-module. She is also responsible for the master’s seminar and supervising students.

Hanna has a background in political science, especially international relations. She wrote her PhD thesis at the Network for European Studies (current CES) in the 2010s and graduated from world politics. After her PhD she has worked as a lecturer in International Relations in the University of Turku and lecturer in world politics in the University of Helsinki.

“My main research interests are related to EU values and norms, especially reflected in external relations of the EU. I have studied EU role in different human rights issues, mainly focusing on the UN. The current global situation shows how different norms have become increasingly contested. I am interested in norm contestation processes and norm advocacy of various actors. I have also studied Europeanization processes and Nordic cooperation concerning common asylum policy. The focus of our programme is natural for me as I am interested in Nordic perspectives to European cooperation and policymaking. Some of my latest research themes concern also current Finnish EU and UN policy, which reflect both continuity and change.”