Data Science Degree Structure 2020-2023

The Data Science MSc degree consists of 120 credits divided into core courses, data science specialisation courses, and other courses, as described below.
Core Studies

The obligatory core studies in the programme consist of

(a) 20 credits worth of key data science courses:

(b) 15 credits worth of courses on professional skills in data science:

Spe­cial­isa­tion stud­ies

You can specialise either in the core areas of data science -- algorithms, infrastructure and statistics -- or in its applications. This means that you can focus on the development of new models and methods in data science, supported by the data science research carried out at the University of Helsinki; or you can become a data science specialist in an application field by incorporating studies in another subject. In addition to mainstream data science topics, the programme offers two largely unique opportunities for specialisation: the data science computing environment and infrastructure, and data science in natural sciences, especially physics.

Minor studies give you a wider perspective of Data Science. Your minor subject can be an application area of Data Science (such as physics or the humanities), a discipline that supports application of Data Science (such as language technology), or a methodological subject needed for the development of new Data Science methods and models (such as computer science, statistics, or mathematics).

You must pick at least four and at most eleven elective courses from the list of data science specialisation courses below (20-55 credits). The courses are divided into thematic modules, but courses can be freely taken from any modules. (Other data science courses may be offered as well, but only the ones listed below count towards the required four courses.)

Ma­chine Learn­ing and Algorithms

Stat­ist­ical Data Science

Data Science In­fra­struc­tures

Com­puters and Cog­ni­tion

Interdisciplinary Data Science

Other Studies

In addition to the above required courses, you can include other courses in your degree as well, for up to 35 credits.