Courses in Atmospheric Chemistry and Analysis Study Track

Information about atmospheric chemistry and analysis courses.

The preliminary syllabus for the academic year 2024-2025 can be found here. The final syllabus will be published in Sisu. Please note, that some courses will not be lectured every academic year.

Atmospheric Chemistry and Analysis, advanced studies (complete at least 95 cr)

Curriculum 2023 - 2026

Compulsory courses (55-60 cr)

ATM301 Atmospheric and Earth Sciences Today (5 cr)
ATM345 Atmospheric science seminar for Master’s students (5 cr)
ATM350 Master's thesis (30 cr)
ATM399 Maturity test (0 cr)
Personal study plan (0 cr) (included in ATM301)

Select either ATM302 (5 cr) or ATM386 (2 cr).

Select either ATM303 Project course in atmospheric sciences (3 or 5 cr) or ATM384 Integrating art and science (5 cr) or ATM380 (5 cr).

KEM411 Chemicals and legislation (5 cr)
ATM306 Basics of atmospheric chemistry (5 cr)

Alternative courses of the study track (complete at least 40 cr)

KEM332 Sampling and sample preparation (5 cr)
ATM320 Mass spectrometry in atmospheric sciences and environmental analysis (5 cr)
KEM331 Separation techniques (5 cr)
KEM335 Portable analytical instruments and sensors (5 cr)
KEM333 Analytical chemistry laboratory works (5 cr)
KEM344 Reactions Kinetics (5 cr)
ATM307 Atmospheric and aerosol chemistry (5 cr)
ATM358 Atmospheric photochemistry and reaction kinetics (5 cr)
ATM394 Advanced aerosol chemistry (5 cr)
KEM347 Quantum chemistry and spectroscopy (5 cr)
KEM342 Molecular modelling (5 cr)
KEM345 Molecular properties (5 cr)
KEM346 Experimental methods in molecular science 1 (5 cr)
KEM369 Molecular electronic structure (5 cr)
KEM365 Laser spectroscopy (5 cr)
KEM371 Combustion chemistry (5 cr)
KEM372 Laser spectroscopy instrumentation (5 cr)
KEM378 Molecular symmetry and group theory (5 cr)
KEM381 Programming projects in molecular modelling (5 cr)
KEM334 Mass spectrometry (5 cr)
KEM336 NMR spectroscopy 1 (3 or 5 cr)
KEM356 Electromigration techniques (5 cr)

Optional advanced courses for all study tracks 

ATM373 Leadership for Sustainable Change (5 cr)
ATM377 Introduction to Earth System Modelling (5 cr)
ATM378 (5 cr)
ATM379 (5 cr)
ATM380 (5 cr)
ATM389 Living with changing climate (5 cr)
ATM397 Forests and Climate Change (2 cr)
ATM398 Climate University for Virtual Exchanges (CLUVEX) (1 cr) 
ATM404 Environmental and Climate Regulation in the EU (5 cr)
ATM396 Application of AI/ML techniques in Atmospheric Science (3 cr)

Data Science courses

ATM308 Statistical Tools for Climate and Atmospheric Science (5 cr)
ATM309 Analysis of atmosphere-surface interactions and feedbacks (5 cr)
ATM310 Time Series Analysis in Geosciences (5 cr)
DATA11001 Introduction to Data Science (5 cr)
DATA12001 Advanced Course in Machine Learning (5 cr)
LSI35002 Bayesian Data Analysis (5 cr)
DATA20046 Neural Networks and Deep Learning (5 cr)

Select at most one of the following courses

  • DATA11002 Introduction to Machine Learning (5 cr)
  • ATM4171 Introduction to Machine Learning for Atmospheric and Earth System Research (5 cr)
Other stud­ies

Other studies can include study modules or courses from other programmes or courses from other study tracks. Also practical training and language studies can be included in other studies.