Welcome to study in AGERE
The Master’s Programme in Agricultural, Environmental and Resource Economics (AGERE) invites our newly admitted students starting their studies in autumn 2022 to take a moment to explore this page and get to know us better. Our staff, students and faculty welcome you!

The admission results (application round from 1 Dec 2021 to 12 Jan 2022) have been sent to the applicants to the e-mail address given on their application form. The results can also be found in the My Studyinfo -service.

Greetings from the programme

Congratulations on being selected as one of our new students for the Master’s Programme in Agricultural, Environmental and Resource Economics (AGERE). We look forward to engaging with you no matter what the future brings.

When starting your studies, a personal study plan is made together with you. It will be followed up during your studies with casual student-teacher meetings a few times a year.

You will receive more practical information about the University of Helsinki from the Admission Services throughout the months before the semester starts, but if you have any questions regarding studies, courses or need support with planning for your studies, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you.

Although the Covid-19 pandemic has kept on causing exceptional circumstances around the world, we believe that the situation will be better in the next academic year and look forward to meeting you soon!

Welcome to our programme and the University of Helsinki!

On behalf of the programme,
Leena Rantamäki-Lahtinen, Director

Preparing for your studies

If you would like to prepare for your studies before the semester starts, there are a couple things you could do.

  • R (and R studio) statistical programme is used in several courses, e.g. AGERE-A01. R is a free open source programme. If you are not familiar with the programme yet, it would be beneficial to download it to your computer and look at basic things prior to the courses. Get started with R programme here.  You can find several free tutorials and videos by using Google or other search engines.
  • All our students have one or two mandatory mathematics courses during the first year of their master's studies. These courses are needed in order to study substance courses smoothly. In the math courses, students should know the basics of matrix operations, solving equations and equation systems, differentiation, partial differentiation and optimisation with and without constraints. If there has been a while since you have used or studied these items, it would be good to recall them from your previous studies or senior high school math.
  • You can also visit our Cost-benefit analysis online course. If you register for the course, it is possible to take it already during this spring/summer and earn credits! Or you can just visit the course and see what it is like. In order to enter the course, press login and follow the instructions.
Get to know our students and the teaching staff

What is it like to study in the AGERE programme? What kind of career opportunities does the programme lead to? How is it to live in the city of Helsinki?

In this article, Jamie Jenkins - now a graduate from the programme -  answers these questions together with Timo Sipiläinen, Professor of Agricultural Economics.

In this article our students Zobayer Hosen and Mariana Monne tell about their experiences in the programme and what is it like to study and live in Helsinki.

You can also chat with our students to ask questions about studies and student life: 

You can find more University of Helsinki students in our chat service or read their blogs to get an overview of student life in Helsinki.

As a student, you benefit from the expertise of numerous inspiring scholars with solid teaching experience and broad researcher credentials. Meet the people in the programme.

Student organisations

Vuorovaikeutus ry (VV for short) is a student organisation for those studying environmental and resource economics. Visit the Vuorovaikeutus ry website.

Markkina-Agraarit is a student organisation for agricultural economics students. You can follow them on social media on Facebook and Instagram (mainly in Finnish).

If you have any questions about the activities all you need to do is ask!

Orientation and tutoring

The teaching of the academic year 2022-23 officially starts on 5 Sept 2022, but you should take part in the orientation activities for the new students that take place the week before (during week 35 starting as of 29 Aug).

During these days, you will learn more about the University of Helsinki and the opportunities it offers to you, as well as the practices related to the programme. You will also be assigned to a tutor group led by a senior student, or student tutor. Your tutor will help with questions related to studying, give support with administrative matters and introduce you to the university campuses and facilities.

The detailed schedule and information concerning your orientation and tutoring will be published in the Instructions for students in the summer. Make sure the correct programme is selected on the dropdown menu to access the relevant information.

Your campus

As a student in the AGERE programme, the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry at the Viikki campus will be your home base.

Viikki research farm is part of the campus and serves as a platform for research and education purposes of the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry. The Faculty also has locations in Mikkeli and Seinäjoki, and manages the Hyytiälä research station located in North-Häme as well as the Muddusjärvi research station in Northern Lapland.

Helsinki Think Company brings together students, researchers and people interested in entrepreneurship. One of their workspaces is at the Viikki campus offering free co-working spaces, boot camps, idea accelerator programmes, hackathons, mentoring and a community of like-minded individuals.

Contacts and useful links

If you have questions related to the admissions and accepting the offer of your student place, please contact the Admission Services.

If you have questions about the content of the AGERE programme, please contact the Programme Director Leena Rantamäki-Lahtinen or the Programme Coordinator Simo Riikonen.

You can follow the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation at the University of Helsinki on our website.