Veterinary Comparative Respiratory Society 42th Symposium

Welcome to the Veterinary Comparative Respiratory Society Symposium!

We're happy to announce that this year's theme for the meeting is 'Novel Approaches to Lung Health,' and we're warmly welcoming to participants from every corner of the globe, representing diverse fields of respiratory research. 

At the heart of our mission, the Comparative Respiratory Society is dedicated to advancing the understanding of respiratory systems, with a special focus on enhancing animal health. Our annual meetings serve as vibrant hubs of collaboration, where experts from around the world come together to share groundbreaking insights, engage in stimulating keynote speeches, and showcase cutting-edge research through abstract presentations spanning all species. 

Join us for what promises to be an enriching and inclusive gathering, where innovative ideas are presented, connections are made, and together, we move closer towards our shared goal of fostering respiratory wellness in both animals and humans alike.