About Sustainability Science Days 2018

Sustainability solutions – Partnerships in science and beyond

Is Sustainability Science a discipline - or something else? What (other) tools do we have to tackle the complex sustainability challenges humankind is facing?

Sustainability challenges are complex by nature, and need to be addressed broadly in society. Finding solutions thus necessitates constructive partnerships within and between research, policies, businesses, and other societal actors.

The HELSUS Sustainability Science Days 2018 brought together scholars and stakeholders, who addressed these questions during two days of key note speeches and thematic workshop sessions. The scientific program of the event focused on the disciplinary status of sustainability science and the trans- and interdisciplinarity within sustainability research. In addition to invited talks by renowned scholars, the issues was jointly developed in workshops organized around the HELSUS core themes (Arctic, Consumption and Production, Global South, Urban, and Theories and methodologies). Besides the academic program, the Sustainability Science Days hosted a participatory event for researchers and stakeholders, which aimed to introduce and develop best practices on how to partner effectively the latest academic knowledge with innovations for concrete solutions to sustainability challenges.