Programme 2022

This was the programme for Sustainability Science Days 2022.

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May 18, 2022
8:00-8:45 Registration and morning coffee

Opening of the day (U2 Auditorium | Liveto)

  • Welcome - Scientific leaders of the conference İdil Gaziulusoy and Susanna Lehvävirta
  • Opening words - Vice President of Research Ossi Naukkarinen (Aalto University) and Vice-Rector Tom Böhling (University of Helsinki)

Keynotes (U2 Auditorium | Liveto):

  • Dr. Laura Pereira - Imagining transformative futures in the Anthropocene
  • Dr. Christoph Rupprecht - Multispecies Sustainability
10:45-11:15 Break

Parallel sessions #1-4

  • #1: The security implications of sustainability transitions: a broader perspective (U1 | Liveto)
  • #2: Novel solutions for sustainability transformation in food systems: Examining agricultural and food value chain actors and the role of research in promoting innovation (U3 | Liveto)
  • #3: Including Non-Human Animals in Sustainability Transformations (U7)
  • #4: Investigating sustainability transformations with social-ecological models: state of the art and future needs (U4 | Liveto) (Online session, with a room to follow it in on-site)
13:00-14:00 Lunch (at own cost)

Parallel sessions #5-9

  • #5: The Role of Law in Systemic Sustainability Transformation (U3 | Liveto)
  • #6: Sustainable food systems - New solutions and/or approaches that enhance the sustainable transition of food systems (U1 | Liveto)
  • #7: Workshop: Climate Safety, Research and Civil Society (U406a 4th floor)
  • #8: Systems Methodologies (U4 | Liveto)
  • #9: Enhancing sustainability transition in the housing and construction systems (U6 | Liveto)
15:45-16:15 Break

Parallel sessions #10-13 and #18

  • #10: Rethinking sustainability of seafood?!: The need for systematic transformation in global fisheries –a call for novel technological and organizational perspectives (U7 | Liveto)
  • #11: Sustainability Agency in business (U4 | Liveto)
  • #12: Transformative approaches in higher education (U6 | Liveto)
  • #13: Carbon drawdown: Reverse-logistics for a carbon economy (U1 | Liveto)
  • #18: Technical innovations and scenarios for sustainability transformation in food systems (U3 | Liveto)
18:00-20:00 Evening event: Time to relax! Cocktail bites, refreshments and mingling!


May 19, 2022
8:00-9:00 Registration and morning coffee
9:00-9:05 Chair opens the day (U2 Auditorium | Liveto)

Keynote (U2 Auditorium | Liveto):

  • Dr. Hanna Ellen Guttorm - Re-Indigenizing and/or Becoming Comfortable with Vulnerability, Reciprocity and Uncertainty
9:35-11:00 Plenary session: Indigenous knowledge systems, traditional authorities and sustainability transitions (U2 Auditorium | Liveto)
11:00-11:30 Break

Parallel Sessions #14-17

  • #14: Sustainability focused science panels: mobilisers of societal agency or legitimisers of government authority? (U7 | Liveto)
  • #15: Solutions for sustainability transformations – at the intersections of alternative economic models (U4 | Liveto) (Online session, with a room to follow it in on-site)
  • #16: Making space for traditional and indigenous knowledge in creating sustainable futures (U3 | Liveto) (Online session, with a room to follow it in on-site)
  • #17: Making urban green transformation happen (U6 | Liveto)
13:15-14:15 Lunch (at own cost)

Keynote and closing words (U2 Auditorium | Liveto):

  • Prof. Julia Lohmann - From Algae to Ocean Literacy: knowing, acting and caring through design
  • Conference closing words - Scientific leaders of the conference İdil Gaziulusoy and Susanna Lehvävirta
15:15-15:45 Break

Parallel Sessions #19-22

  • #19: Sustainable Agency among Individuals (U6 | Liveto)
  • #20: How to successfully perform territorial transformations? Discussing global experiences and insights (U7 | Liveto) (Online session, with a room to follow it in on-site)
  • #21: Cities and exploring what ought to be (U3 | Liveto)
  • #22 Sustainable food systems - Environmental sustainability and holistic sustainability of food production and consumption (U4 | Liveto)