Join us in bringing Sustainability Science Days to the next level!

The SSD Organizing Team is looking for new members to join the Development and Scientific Teams! Are you game to join this dynamic community and help to co-create the future of SSD?

What is Sustainability Science Days?

Sustainability Science Days (SSD) is a multi-day summit for groundbreaking, transdisciplinary research. SSD is jointly organized by University of Helsinki’s Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science (HELSUS) and Aalto University, and it is the biggest sustainability science conference in Finland. SSD brings together the academic community, international top speakers, societal changemakers, and the public to create knowledge, actions, and solutions for a sustainable future. Our goal is to increase the societal sustainability impact of SSD by:

  1. Enabling a platform for truly cross disciplinary scientific dialogue and collaboration
  2. Engaging the key societal changemakers with the SSD process and event
  3. Being methodologically innovative, experimental, and results oriented
  4. Becoming locally significant, internationally relevant

Join us to bring SSD to the next level

We are looking for new members to join two of our exciting behind-the-scenes teams.

  • The Concept Team has 4 open scientific positions of trust (2 for researchers from University of Helsinki and 2 for researchers from Aalto University).
  • The Scientific Team has 10 open scientific positions of trust (5 for participants from University of Helsinki and 5 for participants from Aalto University).

What does the Concept Team do?

The Concept Team contributes to co-creating and expanding the larger vision of SSD. They will do this work through a series of workshops centered on different aspects of the wider picture of SSD. Including, but not limited to, how to bridge gaps between researchers and the wider public/policy players, and how to use SSD as co-creative platform for sustainability transformation in concert with other societal actors.

The work of the Concept Team will be focused around half day development workshops that will occur approximately every other month. In addition, we would like the members of the Concept Team to join us during the annual SSD.

What does the Scientific Team do?

The Scientific Team contributes to crafting the yearly Call for Sessions and deciding which sessions will be accepted into SSD.

The work of the Science Committee will be focused on the period between August-January and during the conference. The Scientific Teams will join forces with the Concept Team at least 3 times per year for a half-day SSD workshop. In addition, we would like the members of the Scientific Team to join us during the annual SSD.


Please use this elomake to express your interest in joining the SSD Team.

Please fill in the elomake by May 8, 2023. We will be inviting people to the Teams as suitable expressions are received. We strive to have a wide range of disciplines and career stages represented in our Teams. The current SSD Scientific Leaders and the members of the Organizing/Coordination Committees will be making the decisions about the new members. Please note that this is a position of responsibility, not a paid position. For the continuity of the event, preference will be given to new members who are able to join the team through the end of 2024 and ideally through the end of 2025.

Our next workshop day will be the week following SSD2023, on Wednesday, May 31 from 14-16 at University of Helsinki. We hope the new members of the Scientific and Concept Team will join us for this workshop. During this workshop, we will reflect on SSD 2023, discuss the working plan for 2024, and set the schedule for the 2023-2024 workshops. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail, ssd-conference (at), if you have any questions or need additional information. Thank you!