Organising Committee
Organising team behind the conference.

İdil Gaziulusoy 

Scientific Leader of the Conference 

I am Professor of Sustainable Design at the Department of Design, Aalto University. I'm a sustainability scientist and a design researcher, developing a teaching and research portfolio for imagining sustainable, equitable and resilient future systems through various approaches in design research and developing interventions to achieve these proposals. My work is concerned with socio-technical and socio-ecological systems with a particular focus on production-consumption systems and cities. I am a global pioneer in the emerging area of design for sustainability transitions, developing theories and methods/tools for design practice dealing with sustainability transitions.   

I have worked as a researcher, lecturer and consultant in Australia, New Zealand and Turkey before moving to Helsinki. 

Susanna Lehvävirta 

Scientific Leader of the Conference 

I started as the Research Director of HELSUS, Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science, in January 2022. I am inspired by the spirit of HELSUS and the intellectual capital in the institute. In collaboration with all HELSUS members, I hope to find ways to help societies in making sustainability transitions, and making them fast. 

My background is in ecology and in inter- and transdisciplinary research. For example, I have studied the urban forest dynamics in combination with the user perspective to facilitate sustainable urban planning and forestry. I have also led a project focusing on the conservation of species under climate change, with ethical, legal and biological perspectives, in order to revise conservation thinking in response to climate change. Recently, my research emphasis has been in building-integrated vegetation as a means to adapt to climate change and to counteract loss of biodiversity (check e.g. this Podcast in Finnish: Luonnon monimuotoisuus rakennuksessa). I am constantly looking for win-win solutions where humans and other species strive together. As a result, I have published with aestheticians, conservation scientists, economists, engineers, legal scholars, philosophers, psychologists, sociologists, zoologists, and practitioners. 

Jussi Impiö

Head of Sustainable Solutions, Aalto University

Jussi Impiö leads the strategic sustainability work at Aalto University, aiming to increase Aalto´s positive impact in the world and making real the Aalto´s solutions oriented strategy purpose “Shaping a sustainable future”. Before Aalto University Jussi worked at the think tank Demos Helsinki focusing on radical global corporate climate strategies and innovations for sustainable development. He has previously led Nokia’s research operations in Africa and has worked for the Red Cross as well as the founder and CEO of Fuzu Oy.

Coordination team 

Sophia Hagolani-Albov 

Sustainability Science Days Coordinator, Aalto University & University of Helsinki

Jasmin Järvinen 

Communication and coordination of the conference, Aalto University

Katri Dewald 

Communication and coordination of the conference, HELSUS

Katja Rönkkö 

Communications and content production, Aalto University

Katri Salmivaara

Communications and content production, University of Helsinki

Emma Penttinen

Communications trainee, HELSUS

Amos Wallgren

Non-military service person, HELSUS

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