Klaus Helkama

Klaus Helkama is professor emeritus of social psychology of the University of Helsinki.

His main research interests are values, morality and moral development as well as history of social psychology. He has served on the board of consultants of European Journal of Social Psychology and Journal of Community and Applied Social Psychology and been a visiting professor at the University of Geneva and Università di Roma La Sapienza, and Directeur des Etudes associé at the EHESS in Paris. His publications include a number of textbooks (with colleagues) on social psychology 1974-2017, Moraalipsykologia (2009), Suomalaisten arvot (2015), as well as chapters and articles in Finnish, English, French and Russian. Advocate of democratic leadership based on solid social psychological knowledge, he wasted his best years on combating, in vain, the adoption of authoritarian leadership methods in the university during his stint as dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences in the 1990s.