Social Psychology of History - History of Social Psychology

Social Psychology of History – History of Social Psychology

The annual Finnish Social Psychology Conference will be held at the University of Helsinki in November 17–18, 2017. The themes of the conference are Social Psychology of History and History of Social Psychology. The themes resonate with Finland celebrating its 100 years of independence in 2017!

Keynote Speakers

Our distinguished keynote speakers are Professor James H. Liu (Massey University, New Zealand), Professor Sandra Schruijer (Utrecht University, The Netherlands) and Professor Emeritus Klaus Helkama (Helsinki University, Finland).

Attending the conference
Your stay in Helsinki

There is a variety of different hotels close to the conference venue, and some suggestions are provided at the accommodation page. Attending the Social Psychology Conference 2017 is also an excellent opportunity to explore Helsinki and its main attractions, architecture, design or urban sauna culture. For a longer stay, 2017 is an perfect year to explore different parts of Finland!