Keynote speakers

Lynn Mc­Alpine

Lynn McAlpine is Professor Emerita at the University of Oxford in the UK and McGill University in Canada. She is internationally recognized for her research – conducted in Canada, the UK and Europe – which examines how doctoral students and post-PhD researchers engage in and learn to do research – further, how they navigate their career trajectories both in and outside the academy. She receives frequent international invitations to do workshops and keynotes that explore the implications of the research for individuals, pedagogy and policy.

Kirsi Py­hältö

Kirsi Pyhältö, PhD. is professor of higher education at the Faculty of Educational Sciences, Center for University Teaching and Learning, at the University of Helsinki, and professor of educational sciences at the Faculty of Educational Sciences, at the University of Oulu. She is also extraordinary professor at the Department of Curriculum Studies, University of Stellenbosch, South-Africa. Her research interest include researcher community and supervisory support, doctoral experience and researcher careers. Pyhältö is a co-coordinator of EARLI Special Interest Group 24 Researcher Education and Careers. Kirsi Pyhältö leads two active research groups: From PhD. Student to Academic Expert and Learning and Development in School.

Gina Wisker

Professor, Univerisity of Brighton

Facilitator of the Writing Retreat:

Mont­ser­rat Cas­telló Ba­dia

Montserrat Castelló Badia is Full Professor in Educational Psychology at Universitat Ramon Llull in Barcelona, Spain, where she has been Vice Dean of Research and Doctoral Studies at the Graduate School of Psychology and Educational Sciences. She is also Director of the Research Institute on Applied Psychology at Universitat Ramon Llull and the head of the interuniversity doctoral program on Education Psychology, elected member of the Executive Committee of the European Association of Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI) (2013-2015), and of the Executive Committee of the European Federation of Psychology Teachers Associations (EFPTA) (2003 - Act.). She is the founder and co-convenor of the EARLI Special Interest Group on Researcher Education and Careers (SIG-REaC). Her research activity and publications focus on Academic Writing Strategies and identity of Early Career Researchers and she has published more than 200 scientific contributions on these topics. She is involved in the European Literacy Network, ELN-IS1401 and leads the Erasmus+ project on Researcher identity development.