The widespread turbulence seen in world politics today is likely to continue in the foreseeable future. These complex processes of multilevel confrontation will affect established international institutions, states and even individuals who will have to cope with multiple simultaneous global challenges. In Russia, global transformations are seen both as an opportunity, and a security threat. An opportunity in the sense that the rise of China and other authoritarian regimes are instrumental in changing the world order based on a Western liberal model. A threat, because this process is expected to intensify competition for scarce resources and create potential for regional and even global conflicts.

The interaction of global, regional and domestic security challenges will also affect Russia’s domestic politics and development trajectory. As a great power actor, Russia seeks to take advantage of global insecurities and advance its national interests using political, financial, informational and military means. Thus, it is important to understand the various drivers of Russia’s choices and the country’s role in the midst of global insecurity, as well as what this means for European and global security.

The Aleksanteri Conference – Russia and Global Insecurity – provides a forum to discuss changing constellations of global security and Russia’s role in this process. The conference brings together researchers focusing on Russia’s foreign and military politics, including recent research done on information, cyber and energy security. The conference welcomes research contributions on all different aspects of Russian, Eastern European and Eurasian security. The conference aspires to contribute for the advancement of theoretical and methodological insights, creating new knowledge and better understanding of Russian, Eastern European and Eurasian politics.

The call for papers will be published in February 2022.