About the organiser

The Annual Aleksanteri Conference is organised by a changing team of scholars and experts at the Aleksanteri Institute (University of Helsinki) and its close network depending on the theme.

The 21st Annual Aleksanteri Conference organising committee can best be reached by emailing fcree-aleksconf@helsinki.fi.

The organising committee of #Aleksanteri2022:

  • Katri Pynnöniemi, University of Helsinki (chair)
  • Eeva Korteniemi, University of Helsinki (secretary)
  • Jenni Kirkinen, University of Helsinki (conference assistant)
  • Olga Kaijalainen, University of Helsinki (communications & media contact point)
  • Sinikukka Saari, Finnish Institute of International Affairs (FIIA)
  • Tommi Koivula, National Defence University 
  • Hanna Smith, Hybrid CoE
  • Veli-Pekka Tynkkynen, University of Helsinki
  • Terhi Ylitalo, Ministry of Defence of Finland
  • Tuomas Forsberg, University of Helsinki
  • Panu Moilanen, University of Jyväskylä 

Aleksanteri Institute website: https://www2.helsinki.fi/en/aleksanteri-institute
Aleksanteri Institute on Facebook: www.facebook.com/AleksanteriInstitute
Aleksanteri Institute on Twitter: @Aleksanteri_UH / #Aleksanteri2022 
Aleksanteri Institute on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/AleksanteriInstitute

The Aleksanteri Conference is one of the largest annual conferences of Russian and Eastern European Studies in the world. It is arranged in Helsinki in late October and stretches over three days. Over 200 papers are presented during the 50 panel sessions and more than 400 participants attend the conference every year. The theme of the conference varies from year to year, and some of the most interesting and distinguished scholars on the current topic are invited as keynote speakers.