Newly arrived students and language awareness in teaching and learning


The bilingual final conference of the Meeting in the Middle project is held on 22–23 August 2019 at the Faculty of Education, University of Helsinki. The aim of the conference is to highlight both good classroom practices of language learning and teaching and recent research on preparatory education. The focus in the plenary lectures, presentations and posters is on situations where the school language is new for a student. These situations are discussed from the perspective of teachers, students, education providers’ and different school subjects. Participation in the conference is possible either for the whole duration of the event or only for one day. On Thursday 22 August, the main language of the conference is Finnish and target the target audience is teachers, education planners, teacher students and researchers interested in preparatory education. On Friday 23 August, the main language of the conference is English and the target group is researchers of language teaching and learning.

The conference is organized by the Meeting in the Middle project, that is a two-year project funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture. The project studies and develops preparatory education. 

The conference secretary is Anni Ratilainen (firstname.surname(at) and the conference chairperson is Maria Ahlholm (firstname.surname(at)