The Mathematical Drawing/Diagram: An Interdisciplinary Symposium
Saturday, 10 June 2023

Juliette Kennedy 10:00-10:10: Welcoming remarks

Andrés Villaveces 10:10-10:30

Ewa Lajer-Burcharth 10:40-11:20: The Drawing Hand

Reviel Netz 11:30-12:10: Aristotle's Logical Figures

Rahman Mohammadpour: 12:10-12:30: Mathematical drawing as poetry


LUNCH 12:30-14:00


Juliet Floyd 14-14:40

Andrés Villaveces and María Clara Cortés 14:50-15:30

Sarah Pourciau: 15:50-16:30

Menachem Magidor 16:40-17:00


Sunday, 11 June 2023

Andrew Arana 11:00-11:40: Concealing diagrams: a case from projective geometry

María Clara Cortés 11:50-12:10

Emmylou Haffner 12:20-13:00: Diagrammatic writing in mathematical drafts


LUNCH 13:00-14:30


Silvia De Toffoli 14:30-15:10

Philip Ording 15:20-16:00 The Difference between Artistic and Mathematical Drawing in Max Dehn’s Geometry for Artists

Juhani Pallasmaa 16:00-16:40: Crossing the bridge