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Lennart Schalk (PH Schwyz)

“Investigations of the transfer potential of physics instruction in primary school: Selected results from the Swiss MINT Study”

A great barrier to learning science in general and physics in particular is not so much what the student lacks, but what s/he has: alternative conceptual frameworks that often work well in everyday life but differ from or even contradict scientific explanations. For example, an appropriate understanding of the concepts of density or buoyancy force is impeded by children’s belief that the air in the ship’s body pulls it upwards. If not addressed timely, such misconceptions (i.e. deviating from scientific conceptions) may persist until university and beyond. Thereby, they hamper the development of scientific expertise. Accordingly, it may be valuable to tackle these misconceptions before they are firmly established. In the still ongoing longitudinal Swiss MINT Study (MINT is the German acronym for Mathematics, Informatics, Natural Science, Technology) elementary school teachers were trained in implementing Physics curricula on the several basic topics. I will present results on the effectiveness of these curricula for learning and transfer of knowledge. Specifically, I will delineate how the curricula help students to develop their understanding of the control-of-variables strategy, and on whether and to what extent these curricula prepare future learning on more advanced physics topics.

Kalle Juuti (Helsingin yliopisto)

"Digitaalisuus luonnontieteiden kouluopetuksessa"