Humanist Greek (HUG) – Perspectives for a New Field of Studies, 23–25 August 2018, Helsinki

THURSDAY 23 August 2018  | The Cupola Hall, The National Library, Unioninkatu 36

16:00–16:15 Welcome and the Opening of the Exhibition (Tua Korhonen and Erkki Sironen)

16:15–17:00 Keynote Lecture by Stefan Weise: Griechische Mythologie im Dienst reformatorischer Pädagogik: Zur Epensammlung Argonautica. Thebaica. Troica. Ilias parva (1588) von Lorenz Rhodoman

17:00–17:30 Cocktail Party (The Agricola Room, The National Library)

FRIDAY 24 August 2018 | The Auditorium, The National Library, Yliopistokatu 1

8:30–9:00 Morning Coffee and Registration

9.00–9.15 Johanna Akujärvi: The Project Helleno-Nordica

9.15–10.00 Keynote Lecture by Stefan Rhein: Humanisten-Griechisch in Deutschland  

10.00–11.00 Session I: Germany, chair: Erkki Sironen

– Thomas Gärtner: Jonische Hexameter als Träger der norddeutschen Reformation

– Jochen Schultheiß: Die griechische Epigrammdichtung des Joachim Camerarius zwischen Philologie und literarischer Produktion

11.00–11.30  Coffee

11.30–13.00 Session II: France and Russia, chair Janika Päll

– Luigi-Alberto Sanchi: Guillaume Budé’s Greek manifesto: The Liminary Epistles of the Commentarii linguae Graecae (1529)

– Martin Steinrück: Rabelais’ Quart livre and the Greek Language

– Elena Ermolaeva: Three Poems in ancient Greek by Vyacheslav Ivanov (1866–1949)

13.00–14.30 Lunch

14.30-16.30. Session III: Renaissance Greek, chair Luigi-Alberto Sanchi

– Gosciwit Malinowski: Laonicus Chalcocondyles’ Histories

– Giuseppe Pascale: Greek Scholars after the Fall of Constantinople: Books, Language and Ideology

– Angelo de Patto: The Epitaph of Umberto Decembrio in Latin and Humanistic Greek

– Grigory Vorobyev: Translation between Diplomacy and Humanism: a Greek Version of Nicholas V’s letter to Constantine XI Palaiologos

16.30-17.00 Coffee

17.00-18.00 Session IV: Holland, Esthonia & Germany chair: Johanna Akujärvi

– Pieta van Beeck: Οὐλτραιεκτείνων, μέγα κῦδος, πότνια κούρη: Praise Poems and Letters in Greek        in Honour of Anna Maria van Schurman (1607-1678)

–  Janika Päll: Graeca Esthonica et Brunopolitana: Greek Poetry by Baltic Germans and  Swedes in Estonia as Reflecting the Tendencies of German Humanist Greek. Some Words about Two Corpora

19.00 Conference Dinner with Baroque Music from Finland (Helsinki Observatory, Kopernikuksentie 1)


SATURDAY 25 August 2018 | The Auditorium, The National Library, Yliopistokatu 1

9.00–10:30 Session V: Sweden, Bohemia, England, chair: Tua Korhonen

– Johanna Akujärvi: Josephus Thun – Lector, Pastor, Donor, Occasional poet

– Marcela Slavíková: Γενεὴν Βοίημος ἐν αἴῃ: Humanist Greek Poetry in the Bohemian Lands

– Tommi Alho & Aleksi Mäkilähde: Studying Greek in a Restoration grammar school

10.30–10.30 Coffee

10.30–11.30 Session VI: Finland

– Tua Korhonen: The Influence of Greek Poetry Production on One’s Career? Johan Paulinus from Finland, Ennobled as Count Lillienstedt

– Erkki Sironen: Zum Wortschatz von Johannes Paulinus’ Finlandia

11:30–11:50 Final discussion, next conference

12.00  Trip to Porvoo from the Senate square

13:00 Lunch in Porvoo

14.00–16:00 Exhibition of early Greek prints and textbooks in the Porvoo Gymnasium Library

16:00 Departure for Helsinki (in front of Porvoo Cathedral, Kirkkokatu 1)

17:00 Back in Helsinki