Is the world turning more ”Chinese”, and if so, then what does it mean? China has in a short time become a significant global actor. Does that mean that Chinese norms and ways also spread?

The inaugural Helsinki Faultline Encounters (HFE) conference will be organised 29–30 August 2019 by the University of Helsinki Department of Cultures and the Finnish Institute of International Affairs. The theme of the first conference is “A Chinese Future?” and it focuses on China’s multifaceted and fast developing interactions with Latin America and the Middle East.

The conference brings together invited experts from China, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East to discuss joint governance challenges encountered as China goes global and increasingly brings its own preferred ways of doing things to bear on other regions. The first conference day is open to the general public, and culminates in a event on the ThinkCorner Stage. The second day is reserved for closed expert discussions.