About us

The workshop is organised by the Legal Tech Lab of the Faculty of Law of the University of Helsinki, with support from the Graduate Program in Science and Technology Studies at York University and the City Institute at York University. It's held in connection with the preparation of a Special issue in the Internet Policy Review on the same topic, expected to be published open access in March 2023.
Organising crew

Alina Wernick

Dr. with a background in IP Law. The PI of the project "Smart City Technology and Long-term Human Rights Risks" at the Legal Tech Lab at University of Helsinki, Finland. Interested in the regulation of surveillance technology.

E-mail: alina.wernick@helsinki.fi

Anna Artyushina

Research Fellow in Data Governance and a Ph.D. candidate in Science & Technology Studies at York University, Canada.

E-mail: artanna@yorku.ca

Emeline Banzuzi

Ph.D. researcher at the Legal Tech Lab at University of Helsinki. Working on smart cities and human rights, with an interest in non-discrimination and the ethical use of AI for public safety initiatives.

E-mail: emeline.banzuzi@helsinki.fi

Alexander Wulff

Economic historian and sociologist. Currently working as a research assistant on smart cities and human rights risks at the Legal Tech Lab at University of Helsinki.

E-mail:  alexander.wulff@helsinki.fi

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