Call for papers

See below for the Call for Papers for FINSSE-11: Sustainability in English Studies.
First Call for Papers

FINSSE-11: Sustainability in English Studies 

13–14 June 2024, University of Helsinki, Finland  

Sustainability, with its three spheres of environment, social equity and economy (e.g., Robertson, 2014), has become a key notion in our rapidly changing world, but what does it have to do with language and literature? In FINSSE-11, we seek to explore this question, particularly from the perspective of English linguistics, translation and literary studies. Being one of the key elements in human interaction, language is vital for sustaining the viability of communities. It is through language and interaction that sustainability goals are negotiated and through literature that we can explore alternative, more sustainable worlds. But what is the role of English, and indeed English studies, in promoting sustainability in a world where the language we study is the global lingua franca? How can English linguistics, translation and literary studies contribute to environmental, social and economic sustainability? How can we ensure that our research practices are sustainable? These are the kinds of questions that are at the heart of the FINSSE-11 conference and its theme of Sustainability in English studies

The 11th FINSSE conference is organized by the English Unit at the University of Helsinki. We call for papers on topics involving the study of English, and especially those that approach the theme of the conference, addressing, for instance: 

  • the sustainability of language resources 
  • ecolinguistics and environmental discourses 
  • discourses about equality and equity, for instance minorities, power relationships 
  • sustainability of identities, for instance the rights to express identities via specific terms 
  • health discourses 
  • sustainability perspectives on linguistic variation and English as a lingua franca 
  • sustainability in language policy 
  • sustainable English language teaching and teacher education 
  • translation and sustainability 
  • environmental humanities 
  • ecocritical, ecofeminist, posthumanist, intersectional and related approaches to literatures in English 
  • visions of (un)sustained futures in contemporary fiction  
  • environmental concerns in pre-modern literature 
  • cross-disciplinary approaches to sustainability in (applied) linguistics and literary studies 

Max. 300-word abstracts should be sent to the conference organizers by 11 March 2024 at Abstracts are invited for

  1. individual papers (20 min + 10 min discussion), and
  2. poster presentations.

Poster presentations are particularly recommended for doctoral researchers and master's students. There will also be a separate afternoon event for doctoral researchers organized right before the conference on 12 June.  

Keynote speakers:  

  • Prof. Helen Kelly-Holmes (University of Limerick)
  • Prof. Johannes Riquet (Tampere University)

The registration fee is 75 € for regular attendance and 45 € for doctoral researchers and master's students. In addition, conference presenters and attenders should be members of FINSSE with the 20 €/10 € membership fee paid for 2024 by the time of conference registration (see the FINSSE webpage). 

On Thursday evening, there will be an opportunity to have dinner together (at your own cost, payable at the restaurant). 

As usual, FINSSE will be awarding a prize for the best MA thesis in literature, in linguistics and in applied linguistics at the conference. The FINSSE board will be circulating a call for candidates for these prizes later in the spring. 

If you have questions about the event, you can contact the organizers by email at  


Organising committee:

Carla Suhr (Chair), Tommi Dunderlin, Niina Hynninen and Minna Nevala