Oc­to­ber 8th, 12.00-16.00 (11.00-15.00 CEST)

Local time CEST Speaker and talk title
12.00-12.15 11.00-11.15

Intro: Associate Prof. Nelli Hankonen (@NHankonen), University of Helsinki:

Opening words

PDF: BeSP Complexity 2020 Opening words

12.15-12.50 11.15-11.50 Prof. Marijn de Bruin (@DeMarijndebruin), Radboud University Medical Center:

Integrating behavioural science in COVID-19 prevention efforts: the Dutch case
12.50-13.15 11.50-12.15

Associate Prof. Nelli Hankonen (@NHankonen), University of Helsinki:

Why is it useful to consider complexity science insights to behaviour change research?

PDF: BeSP Complexity 2020 Overview

BREAK 13.15-14.00 (12.15-13.00 CEST)

Local time CEST Speaker and talk title
14.00-14.30 13.00-13.30 Olli-Pekka Heinonen (@Heino1Olli), Director General, Finnish National Agency for Education:

Complexity-informed policymaking
14.30-16.00 13.30-15.00 KEYNOTE Assoc. Prof. Gwen Marchand (@cupohappy), University of Nevada:

Complexity Science in the Design and Evaluation of Behaviour Interventions


October 9th, 12.00-16.00 (11.00-15.00 CEST)

Local time CEST Speaker and talk title
12.00-12.45 11.00-11.45 Jari Saramäki (@jarisaramaki), Aalto University:

How do behaviours, ideas, and contagious diseases spread through networks?
12.45-13.30 11.45-12.30 Matti Heino (@Heinonmatti), University of Helsinki:

Studying complex motivation systems:

Capturing dynamical patterns of change in data from self-assessments and wearable technology
13.30-14.00 12.30-13.00

CASE Nanne Isokuortti (@nanne_i), University of Helsinki:

From exploration to sustainment: understanding complex implementation in public social services

14.00-14.15 13.00-13.15 CASE Ira Alanko (@AlankoIra), Ministry of Finance, Finland:

The AuroraAI Programme

BREAK 14.15-14.30 (13.15-13.30 CEST)

Local time CEST Speaker and talk title
14.30-15.00 13.30-14.00 Daniele Proverbio, University of Luxembourg:

Smooth or abrupt? How dynamical systems change their state
15.00-16.00 14.00-15.00

KEYNOTE Prof. Ken Resnicow, University of Michigan:

Behavior Change is a Complex Process. How does that impact theory, research and practice

16.00 15.00 Closing words

Notes from the symposium by Grace Lau:


We also recommend other complexity science-related presentations from past BeSP symposia, for example:

1st BeSP symposium: Intervention evaluation & field experiments

2nd BeSP symposium: Behavioural insights in developing public policy and interventions (video link)

  • 00:17:02 Prof. Susan Michie: Applying behavioural science to policy and interventions: a tool for collaboration
  • 01:31:00 Adj. Prof. Pilvikki Absetz: Shared functions but contextualised content and delivery - the SMART2D intervention to prevent and control type 2 diabetes in three different disadvantaged settings