2nd BeSP Symposium

Symposium venue:
Stage, Think Corner, Yliopistonkatu 4, Helsinki

Workshop venues:

Konsistorisali ("Consistorium"), University of Helsinki Main Building, 2nd floor, Fabianinkatu 33, Helsinki:
Workshop 1. Theorising and modeling causality & mechanisms of behavior change workshop.
Workshop facilitators: Assoc. Prof. Jaakko Kuorikoski, Dr. Samuli Reijula.

Think Lounge 2nd floor of ThinkCorner, Yliopistonkatu 4, Helsinki:
Workshop 2. Empirical work-in-progress in Finland: Using behavioural insights in designing public policy & interventions; and/or field experiments & intervention evaluation.

Urbarium, University of Helsinki, Porthania, 1st floor, Yliopistonkatu 3, Helsinki



09-10 Stage

Ass. Prof. Nelli Hankonen:
Opening speech & presentation of the speakers, project & the executive committee

KEYNOTE Prof. Susan Michie:
Applying behavioural science to policy and interventions: a tool for collaboration

10-11 Stage

Prof. Harri Oinas-Kukkonen:
Digital intervention design

Adj. Prof. Pilvikki Absetz:
Shared functions but contextualised content and delivery  - the SMART2D
intervention to prevent and control type 2 diabetes in three different disadvantaged settings

Ass. Prof. Nelli Hankonen:
Common tasks and principles in behaviour change intervention development frameworks:
Integrative review

11-13 Networking/lunch


Think Lounge &



Parallel workshops:

Workshop 1.
Theorising and modeling causality & mechanisms of 
behavior change workshop. 
Workshop facilitators: Assoc. Prof. Jaakko Kuorikoski, Dr. Samuli Reijula. 

Think Lounge:
Workshop 2.
 Empirical work-in-progress in Finland:
Using behavioural insights in designing public policy & interventions;
and/or field experiments & intervention evaluation. Participants have a
chance to give short presentations of their own ongoing work and
challenges/questions therein, and get useful comments!


16-18 Urbanarium Reception/networking


  FRIDAY 4.10

09-10 Stage

Markus Kanerva (Prime Minister's Office):
Opening speech & review of yesterday’s key take-outs                                                                      

KEYNOTE Dr. Adam Oliver:
Towards a New Political Economy of Behavioral Public Policy

10-11 Stage

Sirpa Kekkonen (Head of Government Strategy Secretariat):
Use of behavioral insight in the Policy-making of the Finnish
Government– overview of recent developments                          

Dr. Lauri Sääksvuori:
Behavioral insights and influenza immunization: Evidence from a large-scale RCT

Prof. Maija Setälä:
Deliberative mini-publics facilitating voter knowledge and judgement:
Experience from a Finnish local referendum

11-13 Networking/lunch
13-14 Stage

Francesca Papa (distance connection):
The international frontiers of behavioural public policy

14-15 Stage

Eeva Rantala:
Nudging healthy eating and physical activity: Experiences from the StopDia at Work intervention

15-16 Stage



KEYNOTE Prof. Cass Sunstein:
Lecture and a Q&A session (distance connection)





The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the event program.