You can get to Jyväskylä by plane, bus or train.

Due to scarcity of flights, the easiest option for those flying to Helsinki Airport (HEL) is to take a commuter train from the Airport to Tikkurila and change there to an InterCity or a Pendolino train. You can book the tickets for the whole journey via VR's service here. There are 15-20 options a day, and early bird bookers may get the trip below 10 euros.

If you fly all the way to Jyväskylä (JYV), you need a taxi to get from the airport to the city. If you are in a hurry or arrive in the evening, it is a good idea to book your taxi in advance either by phone (+358) 0100 6900 or with the JYTAKSI mobile app: App Store or Google Play.

Onnibus offers a budget bus option.

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