Baltic Connections Program 2022
Please check the program carefully as we have had quite a few rescheduling requests and cancellations.

Further adjustments are still possible, as it is difficult to travel from Russia to Finland at the moment.

Baltic Connections Program 2022 (PDF)

Updated: Wednesday, 15 June 2022 11.30

Venues and room maps are linked in the program. See also conference venues, hotels and Jyväskylä Harbor on Google Maps as well as the searchable campus map.

Conference Schedule

All times are in Helsinki (EEST, Eastern European Summer Time, +3) time.



Wed­nes­day 15.6.2022

Thursday 16.6.2022

Fri­day 17.6.2022


9:00-10:00 Opening and Keynote by Anne McCants

9:00-10:30 Session 4


10:00-10:30 Coffee Break

10:30-11:00 Coffee Break


10:30-12:00 Session 1

11:00-11:45 Keynote by Sakari Saaritsa


12:00-13:00 Lunch

11:45-13:00 Lunch


13:00-14:30 Session 2

13:00-14:30 Session 5


14:30-15:00 Coffee Break

14:30- Conference Ends


15:00-15:45 Keynote by Per Högselius



15:45-16:00 Break


18:00 Campus Walk
Library building Lähde
(Seminaarinkatu 15)

16:00-17:30 Session 3 


19:30-21:00 City Hall Reception

18:20 Conference Dinner at Juurikkasaari
(Boat Suomen-Suvi Leaves Harbor at 18:30)


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