The 7th ScanPath Meeting


Monday, 30 October 2023

09:00-09:30     Registration and Coffee

09:30-09:40     Welcome and Introduction

09:45-10:15     Key note: Olli Kallioniemi: Title TBA


                          Session 1: Spatial profiling

10:15-10:30       Matti Nykter / Antti Kiviaho: Spatial transcriptomics prostate cancer

10:30-11:45       Andrew Erickson: Spatial genomics prostate cancer

10:45-11:00       Olli Carpen /Anna Laury: Spatial profiling of Ovarian carcinoma

11:00-11:15       Talk

11:15-11:30       Company presentation: Akoya Biosciences


11:30-12:30       LUNCH


                           Session 2: AI pathology

12:45-13:00       Pekka Ruusuvuori: title TBA

13:00-13:15       Sampsa Hautaniemi: title TBA

13:15-13:30       Tuomas Mirtti: title TBA

13:30-13:45       Talk

13:45-14:00       Oscar Bruck group: title TBA

14:00-14:10       Company presentation: Aiforia


14:15-15:15       COFFEE & POSTERS


                          Session 3: Heterogeneity

15:15-15:30       Steve Bova: title TBA

15:30-15:45       Patrick Micke: title TBA

15:45-16:00       Rolf Skotheim: Challenges and opportunities in managing the extensive heterogeneity of multifocal                                                     prostate cancer

16:00-16:15       Talk

16:15-16:25       Company presentation: Standard Biotools, David Guet


16:30-19:00      POSTERS

18:00-20:15      Activities (Jogging/Gym/Art exhibition/Sauna+pool)

20:15                SPARKLING + DINNER



Tuesday, 31 October 2023

08:00-09:00       Breakfast      


                           Session 4: Tumor microenvironment

09:00-09:30       Arne Östman et al: Title TBA

09:30-09:45       Jaakko Knuutila: CAFs in squamous cell carcinoma of the skin

09:45-10:00       Sanna Pasonen-Seppänen: Protumor effects of macrophages and hyaluronan -matrix in tumor                                                            microenvironment

10:00-10:15       Wickström/Punovuori: Role of tissue architecture and cell communication in cancer progression

10:15-10:30       Lassi Paavolainen: Unsupervised multiplexed spatial profiling of CAFs

10:30-11:00       COFFEE & CROSSTALK


                           Session 5: Biomarkers

11:00-11:15       Martin Johansson: Kidney disease and regeneration

11:15-11:30       Caroline Schagerholm: Gene expression profiles in endocrine-resistant breast cancer

11:30-11:45       Camilla Böckelman: Molecular subtypes in gastrointestinal cancers

11:45-12:00       Kari Alitalo: A proxy for stem cells and tumor progression in colorectal cancer

12:00-12:15       Jukka Westermarck: Biomarker for identification of HNSCC patients in risk of developing metastastic disease


12:15-13:30       LUNCH (CHECK-OUT TIME IS 12:00)


                           Session 6: Functional models and perturbation

13:30-13:45       Talk

13:45-14:00       Anniina Färkkilä / Ashwini Nagaraj: Precision oncology for ovarian cancer using patient-derived                                                              immunocompetent cultures

14:00-14:15       Kirsi Ketola: Overcoming drug resistance in prostate cancer

14:15-14:30       Margarita Espona-Fiedler: From drug discovery to Onco-fibrotherapy

14:30-14:45       Talk

14:45-15:00       Talk


15:00-15:15      Closing remarks


The program is actively updated.