Starting in the fall of 2019, the Faculty of Science is opening a new Bachelor's Programme in Science taught fully in English and open for applications for anybody with a high school diploma including advanced math and physics or chemistry studies. The programme offers an interdisciplinary education. During the first half year, all students receive a foundation in university-level math and basic programming skills. After this, they can choose a specialization study track, with second- and third-year university-level courses offered in math, computer/data science, physics and chemistry. It is possible to either deepen the studies in one of these study tracks-, or to combine studies of two or three tracks to get a truly multidisciplinary education.

The Bachelor's Programme in Science offers an interdisciplinary education that will enable you to work on the cutting edge of exciting basic research and application development in math, physics, chemistry and computer/data science.

Kumpula campus is the largest centre in the Nordic countries for research in exact natural sciences, and a dynamic study environment with a good sense of community. We put efforts in using a wide variety of teaching methods and developing these continuously. As a student, you get easily involved in research groups and the active student organisations.