Studies providing qualifications for the various teacher professions

The Faculty of Educational Sciences arranges the following non-degree programmes for teacher qualifications:

- Pedagogical Studies for Subject Teachers, 60 credits
- Intermediate Studies in University Pedagogy, 35 credits
- Special Education Teacher Programme , 60 credits
- Subject Didactics Programme for the Class Teachers, 60 credits

All the programmes are organised in accordance with the National Decree (986/1998) for Teacher Qualification Requirements. The programmes are offered for those who are registered as degree students at the University of Helsinki, and for those who have already obtained an appropriate university degree in a relevant field.

Pedagogical Studies for Subject Teachers

Subject teachers in comprehensive and upper secondary schools (= peruskoulu and lukio in Finnish) must,  are  among other things, have completed a programme in Pedagogical Studies.

The University of Helsinki offers the Programme in Finnish, Swedish, and English. It is open for degree students at the University of Helsinki and to non-degree students who already have obtained their Master level degree at a Finnish or foreign university.

The Pedagogical Studies in English are called the Subject Teacher Educational Programme STEP.  You can  find more information on the Programme through the link on the left.

You can read more about the content and structure of the studies on the STEP programmes website.

More information about the next application round and selection criteria for studies starting in September 2024 can be found on the pages. The application period is 29 February - 14 March 2024.



Intermediate Studies in University Pedagogy

University of Helsinki arranges studies in University Pedagogy in Finnish and English. The Programme is available as staff training at the University of Helsinki and its partner universities. The maximum intake of new students is 20, and the Programme starts if there are 12 or more eligible applicants.

The Programme of Intermediate Studies (35 credits) followw the Basic Studies (25 credits), and together they form the Pedagogical Studies (60 credits) which are defined in the qualification requirements for teaching personnel in Decrees No. 986/1998 and 865/2005.

If you are interested in starting the Basic Studies Programme in University Pedagogy, please contact the Centre for University Teaching and Learning.

The application period for Intermediate Studies in University Pedagogy is 29 February - 14 March 2024. All the attachments must be dated 14 March 2024 at the latest but documents can be submitted to the Admission Services by 30 March 2024.

More information on the next application round for studies starting in September 2024 will be published by the end of November 2023.

Special Education Teacher Programme

Formal qualifications upon completion of the Special Education Teacher Programme depends on the previous studies of the student.

It provides formal qualifications for Special Class Teachers, Early Childhood Education Teachers, and Special Education Teachers who may give additional support for the pupils and students.

The extent of the Programme is 60 credits and it is arranged in Finnish and Swedish as a non-degree programme after graduation and as optional studies for degree students at the Faculty of Educational Sciences.

The formal qualification of Special Education Teachers is defined in the Statutes 986/1998 § 8 and  540/2018 § 30.


Applying to Special Needs Teacher studies (in English) for persons who have received a decision issued by the Finnish National Agency for Education on the recognition of their degree or studies.

If you have a degree of Special needs teacher/ Special Education required by your work position and the recognition mentioned above, where there is 15 credits maximum to refill, you can contact to hear more. There might be a possibility to apply for the Special Needs Teacher studies in English, if you meet the certain applying criteria.


Subject Didactics Programme for the Class Teachers

The Subject Didactics Programme (= monialaiset opinnot in Finnish) is a compulsory part of the Class teacher education. Class teachers work with grades 1- 6 (age groups 7-13) teaching most school subjects in comprehensive schools.

In addition to the Class Teacher Education Programme itself, it is possible to obtain the formal Class Teacher qualification by

  •  combining subject teacher qualification with Subject Didactics Programme, or
  •  combining a Master of Education degree with Pedagogical Studies and Subject Didactics Programme.

The 60-credit Programme is offered in Finnish and Swedish for degree students at the University of Helsinki as optional studies and as a non-degree Programme.

The formal qualification of Class teachers is defined in the Statute 986/1998 § 4.