Book Want List (13 October 2011)

These are some books I would like to own for purposes of research, even though some of them can be found in any local libraries. I would appreciate any information on where possibly to get copies (or, in most cases, photocopies). As regards the latter, I could copy any of several millions of books that are here in exchange.


Carelman, Kataloogillinen joita ei ole.

Helsinki: Markkinointi Viherjuuri, 1970.

Michel Foucault & Paul Rabinow, Kaupunki, tila, valta.

Tampere: Tampereen teknillinen korkeakoulu, 1989.

Heta Häyry, et al., toim., Paholaisen asianajaja: opaskirja skeptikolle.

Helsinki: Ursa, 1989.

Armas J. Pulla, Peltilehmän lapsuus.

Helsinki: Otava, 1972.

Pertti Töttö, Sosiologia teoriana modernista yhteiskunnasta.

Tampere: Tampereen yliopisto, 1989.


Bruce Bastin, Never Sell a Copyright: Joe Davis and His Role in the New York Music Scene 1916–1978.

Chigwell: Storyville, 1990.

Pim Oets & Gijsbert Hanekroot, Popsmuk.

Amsterdam: Born, 1972.

Mike Paikos, R&B Covers and Re-Recordings.

Moraga: s.n., 1993.

Ludwig Wittgenstein, Logiko-filosofiski traktat.

Moskva: s.n., 1958.

Single issues and volumes of the following magazines: Bam Balam, Big Town Review, Bim Bam Boom, Blitz, Blues Unlimited, Collusion, Crawdaddy, DISCoveries, Echoes of the Past, It Will Stand, Mojo Navigator, Paul's Record Magazine, Phonograph Record Magazine, Record Collector's Monthly, Record Exchanger, Stormy Weather, Story Untold, Whiskey Women and..., Who Put the Bomp!, Yesterday's Memories.

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